Our Story

Poppa Bear Norton hails from The Land Of Sky Blue Waters aka Minnesota. They proclaim themselves to be  “America’s #1 Daredevil Country Duo!”, and would like to note that they’re also “America’s Only Daredevil Country Duo.” They have also been described as Train Wreck Country, The Funniest Frickin’ Country Band Around, one bar manager even described them as the “Penn & Teller of Country Music”. Guess what? All of these descriptions would be true. "The Singer" and "The Slinger" are a two-man act that plays original country & western style music that harkens back to the days of Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Roger Miller and Hank Sr., as well as the outlaw era of Waylon, Willie and Haggard. A time when a song was written like a well crafted story and told with passion, theatrics, and musical skill. Sure this high octane two man band hit the stage and play their music as if they don’t realize they are not a full band, and yes sometimes it feels as though it could come off the rails at any moment, but that is what makes them “Country Daredevils”.  They are not just a band, Poppa Bear Norton is in fact a musical act and their musical style, funny stage banter and finely crafted songs will have you laughing one minute and tearing up the next. The youngsters love them because they look wild, play fast and preform a style of country music they may have never heard before, in a way which they may have never seen. Older folks love them because their energy, music, and stage banter reminds them of something familiar, yet at the same time completely new and different and that's exactly what American Daredevil Country is.