To the home of America's #1 Daredevil Country Duo, Poppa Bear Norton!  This Minnesota based two man runaway freight train hillbilly band takes all the humor, sorrow, self-deprecation, and violence that once made country music great, then Poppa Bear & B carefully, but not to carefully add some trucker speed, black coffee, and rocket fuel to the mix. Shake it up, light a match and you wind up with a highly explosive original "Daredevil Country" sound, a style of country that can only be preformed by true "Country Daredevils" and that's just what "The Singer" and "The Slinger" are. That's right folks Poppa Bear Norton is America's #1 Daredevil Country Duo, performing  without a safety net, while flipping the bird in the face of the homogenized bro-country establishment.   

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